Major Market Talent
Skyline The On-Hold Company USA uses voice talent with major market broadcasting credentials.

With today’s technology, we are not limited to talent that lives in our immediate geographic area and all talent is subject to your approval.

In addition to English and Spanish, we have done production projects in French, German, Russian and Ukrainian. If you have a special language or dialect need, we’ll find a way to meet it.



Writing Style Matters
Twain A caller is listening to your on-hold message -- not reading it. The writing style for audio is a lot different than what’s required for a business letter or corporate report. It has to be more than just grammatically correct -- it has to sound right.

At The On-Hold Company our writers have years of experience and have even taught writing for radio and television at the college level. Our service includes writing (or polishing) your on-hold scripts.

We know how to write for the medium, but we don’t know your business so we’ll need your input. You can do so verbally, by fax or by e-mail.

New customers frequently say, “Go to our website and be sure to include X, Y and Z.” We then prepare a script for approval. After you make any changes you need, it goes to production. Each month we send you a written copy of the script asking you for the information you would like updated for the upcoming month.


Music That Fits
Your Business
Rock Image

Because the company was founded by a production person, The On-Hold Company USA has one of the largest libraries of licensed music and sound effects in the industry. With your input, we’ll find the music that best meets your needs.

If we provide your on-hold programming, be assured the music is licensed and you have the right to use it for as long as our production agreement is in effect. This is important as ultimately you are the one legally responsible for what is heard on your phone system.