Technology Is Always Changing — Not A Problem
CassThe On-Hold Company USA is in the production business, not the equipment-selling business, however, most of our clients want us to provide playback equipment and we’re happy to do so. If your existing equipment is working and still sounds good then there is no need to replace it. The time to upgrade is when the unit is no longer dependable or you’re not happy with the sound.

We can provide program content in whatever format your equipment requires — any WAV or MP3 file, CD or cassette, we can help. If your playback capabilities are through your phone system, simply check with the phone vendor as to what format is needed.

If you need playback equipment we offer a variety of options. We can update content by Ethernet connection or USB drive. If you have a number of locations that are downloading from a cassette to the digital chip and want to maintain consistency, we can supply additional units of that type.

On-Hold System Hardware
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Two popular on-hold audio systems we recommend are the 1200 and 7600 Series from Premier Technologies. These systems offer excellent performance and are compatible with most telephone configurations. With the 1200 Series new audio is uploaded on-site by using the removable USB flash drive. The 7600 Hybrid Series audio can be uploaded either remotely via Internet or on-site with the USB flash drive. Click the titles below to view the product descriptions.